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10 Cost-effective ways to increase property value

Our home always holds a special place in our hearts. It doesn’t matter whether it is not as big and luxurious as a 5-star hotel.

But, with a long period, like everything residential houses start to lose their charm. Thus, it is necessary to renovate houses whenever required. Renovating a residential property not only just restores its’ old charm, but it also helps to increase property value immensely.

Those who are well nuanced with the realty sector know that the housing market is going on with a full gung ho mood nowadays. It is better to grasp this knowledge and use it accordingly while refurbishing your home.

Even if the owners are not going to sell the house shortly, it is essential to fix up the house from time to time. It helps to improve the quality of living and life altogether.

If you are someone who is repairing the house just before putting it up on the sale market, then you must consider a few things first. These things will give you a general idea about the current property market scenario.

Things To Consider Before Putting A House On Sale

  • Know Your Worth: The seller should bury this tip in their head. Consult with a realty sector agent who can efficiently assess your property value. This way the seller will get an idea & accordingly he can hike up the price.
  • Locality Matters: Locality plays a big role while selling or buying a house. Some locality is full of hustle-bustle, some are peaceful. Posh localities call for a huge property value, whereas some old fashioned localities have comparatively low property value.
  • Buyer’s Requirement: Last but not least, keeping in mind the buyer’s requirement is a must. Different buyers want different things fitting to their taste.

Thus, if the seller spruces up the house accordingly keeping all the aforementioned tips, will surely help him to increase property value.

Ways To Increase Property Value

Outdoor Appeal


1. Repaint: 

Applying a fresh coat of paint might seem very basic but it deserves enough to increase property value. A newly painted house is appealing enough to attract new buyers. Keep in mind to use neutral tones while painting the house.

Over the top color bright colors as well as dark colors that scream for attention doesn’t look classy. Make sure to paint the interior also, otherwise it looks awful.  

2. Upgraded Doors And Windows: 

After the color of the house from outside, one notices its doors and windows firstChanging the windows, doors can make the house look like a new one. If the budget permits one can opt for sturdy steel doors instead of the wooden one.

Steel doors also enhance the security factor as well. Make sure to check the locks on the doors are working well. One can also paint the existing windows and doors to give it an updated look.

3. Open Terrace: 

A well maintained, properly styled open terrace helps to multiply the residential property value more than one can even imagine. One doesn’t need to spend a lot of money to give the open terrace a clean and chic makeover.

Research well and choose a theme for the terrace that also goes well with the ambiance of the house. A well lit, trendy open terrace serves as a front-row ticket in the realty market to increase property value.

4. Garden & Backyard: 

Not every house has a garden space and a backyard. But if one is a lucky owner of a house that has a garden & well-mowed backyard, then it scales up the property price all in all.

A touch of greenery is soothing to the eyes amid brick, mortar. Appoint someone who can look after the trees, water them, give it a needful cut. The backyard can be stylized in such a way that it would provide cozy, homely outdoor experiences for the guests. Giving a makeover to the garden & backyard area is an intelligent way to increase property value.

5. Garage:

Again this is not a must-have, but having a residential garage is a plus point. Many localities also have an off-street parking facility which is great. Off-street parking is really helpful to increase property value.

Inside Appeal

Inside Appeal

1. Interior Decor:

It is not rocket science to understand that the interior décor stands out the most while living in a house. To increase property value one needs to revamp the inside of the house.

It is not necessary to burn a hole in your pocket to charge up the interior décor. One can always incorporate small changes such as replace the old carpet with a new one, using new curtains, add some décor pieces, remove the wall stickers, paint the walls, etc. Proper lighting also adds to the inside appeal of the house.

2. Flooring: 

A dirty floor is a big No when it comes to home improvement. Do away with the old rug, change the old tiles and use the modern ones instead. Make sure the hardwood floors are polished and stain free.

3. Kitchen: 

The kitchen is ‘the soul of your house’. A kitchen should be minimalistic and classy in design yet it must be able to contain all the kitchen essentials.

A kitchen theme also says a lot about the homeowners. A modern homely kitchen should have all the basic kitchen utensils, appliances, furniture, cookware, etc. While revamping a house, make sure to keep the kitchen spacious enough so that at least 3 people can work at the same time.

4. Bathroom: 

The condition of a residential bathroom says a lot about the homeowners. A clean bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity. While giving a facelift to the house, one must give special attention to the bathrooms.

If you are a little tight on the budget, repair the faucets instead of changing it. Make sure there is no plumbing problem, change up the tiles if necessary. Install Modern and sleek showerheads, geyser, etc. A bathroom that is in good condition from every aspect helps to increase property value.

5. Other Elements: 

Some hidden details also decide the fate of the property. Such as faulty plumbing, leaky floors, electric problems, no parking zone, smelly garbage dump around the house, rude neighbors, etc.

Make sure most of these problems are solved, especially the house related problems before you sell the house.

Final Word

If the owners and potential sellers of the house are little aware and follow all these tips, then it is guaranteed that it will increase property value.

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