10 Essential gardening tools you should have

With all the rapid climactic distortion, global warming has become the epitome of conversation for the last 10-12 years.

As the wrath of global warming looms large over our lives, it is high time we mend our ways and treat nature with respect.

Well, just talking about it, having tensed discussion over it doesn’t do much. As a sensible inhabitant on this beautiful planet, we must take necessary actions to stop it.

Even if we can start doing something as minute as planting saplings, take part in gardening projects, taking up gardening as a hobby, it is going to create a positive impact on the environment.

Now before we dive into the domain of gardening tools, one must need to analyze what kind of garden he owns. High chances are most people are really comfortable at starting small & taking baby steps.

It takes amazing dedication, precious time to care for plants even if you have 4-5 plants. For a beginner gardener like this, it is not really needful to have various costly gardening tools.

But someone, who owns a beautiful backyard garden & loves to spend most of his spare time there only, the advice is to invest in really handy and quality gardening tools.

In this article, we are not only going to talk about the importance of gardening but also discuss having essential gardening tools.

Essential Gardening Tools

1. Hand Trowel: 

hand trowel

It is one of the most basic gardening tools anyone should have whether you are a pro or a beginner. A hand trowel can be used to dig & plant the seedlings as well as refilling the holes once finished. This garden tool is best for small planters.

2. Watering Can: 

Watering Can

Another vital garden tool one must have in his stash is a watering can. This is basically a portable can with a sprinkler attached to it. Instead of using a bucket and mug to water your small plants, use a watering can. It is much handier also.

3. Gardening Scissor: 

Gardening Scissor

If I were to name a versatile garden tool, it is the garden scissor. People tend to underestimate what a garden scissor can do. One can use this particular tool in a multipurpose way such as small tender pruning jobs, digging out the weed, opening seed packets, etc.

4. Watering gear: 

Watering gear

Besides water, a pro gardener should also have other watering gears such as a garden hose and a sprayer. Garden hose helps to water the big plants and washing them too. A garden sprayer does the same job for weeds on lawns, around the trees.

5. Shovel: 


When we say garden tools, the first picture that comes to our mind is a shovel. It is such a useful tool. There are huge varieties of shovel available in the market. Pick the one that is suitable for your garden. Look for the size & sturdiness while buying a garden shovel according to your preference. A shovel is mainly used to dig the soil.

6. Spade: 


Don’t mix it up with the shovel. Many people tend to confuse between a spade and a shovel. A spade is smaller than a shovel and has more of a flat, straighter edge. A spade is used to moving loose materials, soil, etc.

7. Garden Shears: 

Garden Shears

A garden shear or a pruning shear is a must-have gardening tool. Using a garden shear one can trim the new abruptly growth on shrubs, branches. Make sure to keep your garden shear sharp to be able to use it smoothly. 

8. Lawn Mower: 

Lawn Mower

This tool is for those who own a beautiful garden, or backyard or lawn. If you do not keep the shrubs, weeds, grass out there trimmed and cleaned, it is going to look really awful. That’s when a lawnmower comes to the rescue. There are various kinds of lawnmowers available such as gas lawn mower, electric lawn mower & manual lawnmower. Choose one according to your budget and garden.

9. Leaf Rake: 

Again this gardening tool is a must-have for those, who have quite a number of trees in their garden. Trees naturally shade leaves, and those leaves tend to gather up and make the ground really untidy. A leaf rake is really helpful to get rid of those dead leaves.

 10. Gloves & gardening Apron: 

Gloves & gardening Apron

Last but not least, buy a quality garden glove and an apron. It is really crucial to use a glove while digging, shoveling, mixing soils. Gloves not only protect your hands from getting dirty and but also safeguards your hand from getting a cut mark, blisters. Garden aprons keep your clothes clean while gardening. But it is a must-have for those who need to have everything required for gardening with them always. In the apron pocket, it is easy to keep the seedling packet & carry other tools to tend the plants.

Token Of Advice

If you made out till here, I am taking it as a sign of positivity & step towards the realm of gardening.

Gardening is hugely beneficial to our life. Let’s throw light on the benefits of gardening.

Bonding With Nature: 

Nowadays, people have lost their touch with nature. People are more engrossed in living a fast-paced life and partying hard at the end of the day. But doing this adds to stress level, rather than diminishing it.

Instead, whenever you find a little time, go out and nurture the plants in your terrace, or garden.

Spending at least 20 minutes out there works wonder on the human psyche. Gardening brings one close to nature, helps people become really mindful.

Much Needed Physical Movement:

Gardening is not only beneficial to one’s mental health but physical health also. Gardening requires you to use various gardening tools, and get your hands dirty in the process, literally.

If one actively participates in gardening every day doing all the needful such as cutting, pruning, watering, tending, he doesn’t need any pricey gym membership!

Gardening Equals To Good Mood: 

Just mowing the garden, plucking garden produces, doing the most basic gardening chores such as digging the soil helps to uplift our mood.

Gardening keeps anxiety, depression at bay. Scientifically it has been proven that gardening is very healing and therapeutic for our mind.

Final Words

Before you make any purchasing decision regarding gardening tools make a list, create a budget and stick to it. This way you will not spend extra money on unnecessary stuff.

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