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10 weight loss mistakes to avoid necessary otherwise nothing else

In a previous article, we discussed how weight loss is NOT synonymous with fat loss. Yet, the very common weight loss mistakes are rarely identified and worked upon. Losing fat or losing weight may mean the same to you, for you are trying to get in shape. That is the bottom line. Consequently, you think the end justifies the means, but they don’t.

While we need to be constantly wary of fat loss vs weight loss, there are certain issues crucial to our fitness, which need to be kept in mind. We agree weight loss is a difficult feat to achieve. One time you feel things are in order. You exercise, you feel good, you check yourself in the mirror every day to check your progress and you cannot prevent the desire to weigh on a weighing machine.

On other days, you find yourself frustrated, dejected and broken for things that are not working on your side. We want our readers to understand one thing: Success is never easy. Pushing yourself more and exercising more does not always help. But our physical fitness largely depends on how we lead our everyday lives. Does our routine go in favor of our health?

Studies show regular short meals are healthier than one hefty meal rich in everything. Weight loss mistakes are common because we go out of bounds to reduce it. Our appetite and desire to lose weight makes us commit mistakes. They are so common that we don’t even realize them. Here are the most common 10 weight loss mistakes that affect us. Prolonged exposure to these mistakes may cause irreparable damage to our bodies. Read along to find what they are:

1. You eat when you aren’t hungry

You eat when you aren’t hungry

One of the most common weight loss mistakes people commit. Eating when you are not hungry is a strict no-no. For our body is still busy digesting the last meal you had taken, and no more food disturbs the metabolic rate of the body. In the long term, you might as well suffer from acidity, unwanted gas and pains in chest and breathing issues due to this gas. Don’t follow a routine just for the sake of it. Eat only when you are hungry.

2. Your serving ware is too big

Your serving ware is too big

Research conducted by Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittursum shows that an optical illusion makes us consume more food than our body can consume healthily. Large plates and wares make our brains think that what we are consuming is too little for us. Therefore, there is an urge to consume more than what is prescribed because you still ‘feel’ hungry. Irrespective of the diet you are taking, having food more than what is required is bound to harm you. We are learning to control our diets and daily habits, maximizing them in any way is not the idea.

3. You skip meals

 You skip meals

As mentioned before, there is a fixed amount of calories per day that is prescribed. It varies from person to person. Also, as part of our daily lives, work routine and food routine go hand in hand. We need to manage both of these meticulously. More often than not, we tend to skip meals due to work pressure. We go hungry the entire day thinking that we will have a nice, balanced diet once we return home. Unfortunately, our bodies do not work like that. Skipping meals is perhaps the biggest weight loss mistake your body could endure. Losing weight and cutting down on fats are different ideas completely. The most important part of your diet chart is not the food, but the time when you take the food.

4. You eat many of your meals out

You eat many of your meals out

This is one of the most serious weight loss problems. Not only weight loss, but a health problem affecting the entire world. Due to our modern lifestyle, we are under constant exposure to outside food which is supposedly healthy. Well, stop eating most of your meals outside. We are devoid of fruits, healthy fats, phospholipids, vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are not found in restaurant foods despite whatever they claim. Homemade food is prepared in cholesterol-free oils, safe water, and hygienic conditions. However hard it may seem, take some time to prepare your own food, for you have to lose weight and stay fit.

5. Not exercising or exercising too much

Not exercising or exercising too much

Another checkbox to tick. Everything in this world hangs in the balance. Pay attention to this fact that exercising is good but only the right amount. Every physical body has its own needs and they need to be made efficient in numerous different ways. Losing weight is more than exercising, dieting and all the other ingredients combined. It is more about a lifestyle and the way we perceive our own selves. Therefore, the concept of routine comes to play. Exercising at one specific time of the day is of utmost importance for our muscle mass and it should be done just the right amount. Being under the impression that more exercise makes you lose more weight quickly is a myth debunked a long time ago.

6. Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep

Our modern lives do not allow us to sleep. Disturbed sleep leads to uneven weight gain, depression, reduced body efficiency, muscle pain, increased blood sugar levels and so on. Long-term effects of sleep deprivation also lead to cancerous tumors in our bodies, studies show. Getting enough sleep is of utmost importance for a healthy, fully functioning body. 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep is recommended by physicians, doctors and pediatricians alike. Performing high cardio exercises while sleeping irregularly falls into the category of fatal weight loss mistakes.

7. You don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables

You don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables

We understand all fruits and vegetables are stained with color. But washing them properly still serves the purpose. We are skeptical about eating harmful chemicals and thus stay away from fruits and vegetables, but in the long run, it affects our weight loss program. Fruits and vegetables regulate the entry of various chemicals extremely essential to our body, roughage which is central to our bowel movements. Such nutrients are devoid of foods of high protein content. A serious weight loss mistake, as well as a health issue, is not having enough fruits and vegetables.

8. Too focused on protein

Too focused on protein

Protein is good as it gives strength to the muscle fibers and tissues. But our body works on a protein and fiber balance since protein is the most difficult to digest as well. Extra undigested protein in our body gets lined on the walls of the blood vessels and arteries leading to increased blood pressure. Focussing on a ‘only-protein-no-minerals’ diet is not only harmful, but it can also prove to be fatal.

9. You completely eliminate carbs from your diet

You completely eliminate carbs from your diet

Carbs are not enemies of weight loss. Rather, not having them in the precise amount is a weight loss mistake people tend to commit all the time. Rice, chapatis, vegetables, fruits, all contain carbohydrates in various amounts. While it is advisable to cut on them to the minimum amount, eliminating them completely is only going to harm us and our fitness modules. An extensive workout program coupled with a low carb diet can easily burn through your liver and muscle glycogen. Also, low carbs lead to unexpected dehydration and fatigue since carb-diets are high in water content. 600 calories of carbohydrates per day are the threshold amount required to get you through the day. Less than this is going to harm you in the long run.

10. Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water

The final nail in the coffin is not drinking enough water. For the zillionth time, let’s say this out loud: Water is life. And it has got nothing to do with your weight loss program. Rather, having two glasses of cold water per day boosts your metabolic rate fairly. As the body has to work twice the amount to bring the temperature of the water down to that of your body, metabolism boosts. One dangerous weight loss mistake is not having enough water. The prescribed amount is 4 liters per day. The primary need for your body is to stay physically fit and only then can you aspire for weight loss or fat loss programs. Water makes you stay fit by flushing your toxins out and keeping the kidneys safe. Nowadays, the trend is to skip the water and consume a healthy drink instead. We can only gauge what harm it does to our bodies.


Weight loss has become synonymous with fitness today. But we keep forgetting the truth. Consequently, we keep making these simple weight loss mistakes which reflect upon our lifestyle. Losing weight is necessary but not at the cost of your health. Ask yourself why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you are simply ashamed of your shape or is it for some larger goals like inner contentment, feeling healthy and having a more efficient, disease-free life? Staying physically and mentally fit should go hand in hand with losing weight. Everything that is related to your body should work in tandem.

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