12 Things all women actually need in a relationship

The nature of the behavior of a woman is a very complex matter to understand.

Thus, women are often seen to suffer in a relationship as they feel neglected and misunderstood.

Often their partners cannot penetrate through their emotions and fail to connect the missing links that are ruining their relationships.

On a general basis, women are secretive in nature, so they often keep their needs to themselves and end up suffering in a relationship.

Also, the disparities between the nature of the behavior, the personality traits and the overall approach of men and women make it difficult for men to understand the needs of their lady loves.

suffering in a relationship

Various researches have been conducted to analyze what women need in a relationship so that a long-term and lasting relationship can be maintained.

No algorithm or assessment can be said to be completely reliable to help individuals build up eternal relationships as human nature is extremely dynamic and unpredictable.

But every relationship, whether it’s a mere friendship, a heterosexual relation or a homosexual relation, has certain basic and down-to-earth attributes that can be recognized and maintained to have a longer connection and bonding.

In this write-up, some crucial needs of women are being provided that women expect their partners to acknowledge, value and fulfill.

1. Communication:

It is extremely important for individuals to be able to express their emotions, to talk over a problem, to chat carefreely; in a nutshell, to communicate.

Communication is the core of any kind of relationship as it is the doorway to knowledge and understanding, to build up a connection.

Women, especially, seek a relationship where there is a strong communication so that they can convey and conceive freely.

2. Humility:

A relationship that has a constant underlying competition and jealousy between the partners, cannot last long.

Men, known to be ego-centric and often tend to establish their authority as a male.

This trait of men often creates repulsion in women, and they tend to grow apart.

Women seek humility and equity from their partners.

They need to feel that they are at equal levels with their partners.

3. Maturity:

Maturity here refers to the fact that one has an understanding of his actions and his partner’s reactions.

Also, it refers to emotional maturity, that is, to connect and communicate with one’s partner so that both function as couples not as individuals in any given situation.

4. Vulnerability:

Women want their men to be like an open book.

They want their partners to open up, to express, to say whatever they feel or whatever the littlest issue that bothers them.

Women do not like their men to hide their true emotions and camouflage them through other outlets.

5. Transparency:

Every individual wants to be themselves.

At no cost a woman wants to lose or suppress her true self.

They love to be able to maintain complete transparency with their partners.

They want a relationship where they can express their opinions, desires, goals freely and suppress anything at any point.

6. Space:

Relationships tend to become suffocating if partners do not give space to each other and try to interfere in every aspect of each other’s life.

There is a false notion that women need to be bossed or guided by their partners.

But women love to feel independent and to maintain their individuality.

They love to have their own decisions and individual priorities.

She is special

7. Acknowledgment:

Women have to face various ill-treatments, prejudice and bad experiences of the social structure and predominant gender roles.

In the long run, these molds their behavior, attitude, and ideology.

A partner of a woman who can acknowledge and understand her experiences and the consequential decisions, opinions, and approach of life can build up a strong relationship.

A woman is also under the constant pressure of being perfect, the acknowledgment and acceptance of her flaws and drawbacks, is also another significant need of a woman in a relationship.

8. Respect:

A relationship can only bloom if there is mutual respect.

But often women are made to feel inferior and their self-respect is hurt.

A woman deserves a relation where her dignity and self-respect is maintained, where she is treated as equal and not inferior, where her decisions, opinions and outlooks are given equal importance to.

9. Support:

Love and support are all one wants from their loved ones.

When it comes to a romantic equation, a woman loves to feel that she has an unconditional support system.

In every situation, she would love to know that her partner has her back and has her all covered up.

10. Trust:

A relationship can only be successful if both partners are being able to trust each other.

Especially for a woman to feel safe and secure in a relationship, her partner needs to gain her complete trust.

Women are emotionally vulnerable so initially, they tend to hide their emotions and be secretive with their partners.

Once she starts trusting she surrenders her every bit to her partner.

But at any given point when this trust is broken, a woman starts distancing herself completely from her partner.

Once the trust is gone a vacuum has created that relationship which is irreversible.

11. Intimacy:

A healthy relationship demands a good amount of intimacy.

Intimacy of a relation is not only the sexual needs but also to feel an innate closeness with one’s partner.

Women expect their partners to understand both their physical and mental needs and desires.

In the sexual context, women may feel shy to express their needs but all women enjoy when newer excitements are created and their desires a fulfilled.

With respect to the context of mental proximity women love a wholesome relationship where she can perceive her partner and herself as one, keeping their individuality intact.

12. Unconditional Love:

Love is the most important factor that can create a beautiful relationship.

Often women are misunderstood that they only love being pampered with materialistic gifts but what they enjoy and cherish more is little thing their partners do to make them feel special.

It can range from helping them at the kitchen, holding their hand at the market to bringing them to surprise lunch at work, to take them for a date to their favorite spot. They love it all.

Making a woman feel that she is special, she is being loved unconditionally, she is being heard and that she is always in someone’s thought is the most precious feeling for her.

Women need and deserve lots of love and affection.

All these factors when taken care of can make any women feel more secure and happier in a relationship. Women have been created by nature as caregivers who devote their mind, soul and body to their lovers and in return, they deserve a lot of respect and love. Unfortunately, most of the time women do not get what they deserve. Since time eternal women have been treated as second class citizens and their needs have been given the least priority. Men have been taught to dominate and protect rather than to love and care. But time is changing and now men know the importance of keeping their lady love happy and content. So men are now seeking ways to strengthen their relationship by understanding their partners’ needs. Thus, understanding women’s needs and requirements in a relationship have become crucial to a great level.

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