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12 Tips to keep in mind while designing a kitchen

A fancy kitchen ad caught your eyes of late? Have you been wanting to utilize the empty space in your kitchen? 

Confused about how to redecorate the existing kitchen space with some modern equipment?

If your answers are a big “yes” to these previous questions, then fret not, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be guided through the procedure of revamping ‘the soul of your house, the kitchen.’

First and foremost, one must keep in mind that the kitchen is not just a storage place. It is so much more, a kitchen should be minimalistic and classy in design yet it must be able to contain all the kitchen essentials.

Let’s have a look at the Key Features Of A Modern Kitchen.

Let’s have a look at the Key Features Of A Modern Kitchen.

  1. It has a theme that is not very overwhelming yet welcoming.
  2. It is not always about having ample space. It is all about how one uses the kitchen space methodically.
  3. The modern kitchen does not mean one will have all the chef’s favorite kitchen tools and essentials. Nor it should eradicate any hint of tradition. A modern kitchen means having tools and equipment that one can use in a multipurpose way.
  4. To give a modern touch to the existing kitchen, one must always keep in mind the budget.

12 tips to keep in mind while designing a kitchen

1. Research: 

Before designing any places, not just the kitchen, one must have a very clear picture or motif in their mind.

Surf the net, read the magazines consult friends, family, interior designers and you will find the inspiration for your dream kitchen. Remember what you like and what you don’t.

But don’t be rigid also, have fun while exploring kitchen inspirations. You can always mix and match ideas. Keywords to keep in mind here, “be thorough”

2. Theme: 

Once you are done with your research and have an inherent concept, then choose the theme of the kitchen.

While choosing the theme, one should keep in mind, that the kitchen theme should not be too stark different from the whole household.

A kitchen theme also says a lot about the homeowners. Like if the homeowners of the house are very chirpy and choose a dark color theme just for the sake of having a newly revamped kitchen, it will not look good. So choose your theme accordingly. It could be rustic, it could be a very open kitchen, and it could have a sleek no-nonsense outlook.

Whatever theme you choose, remember to keep it authentic, like you are.

3. Color Palette: 

It goes hand in hand with the abovementioned topic. If you want to use a little offbeat yet regular colors for your kitchen, then you can opt for black, brown, grey, silver. But keep in mind while choosing a darker color, lightings of the kitchen would have to be accordingly.

The same thing goes with the usage of bright colors in your kitchen. The idea is to not use any colors that will hurt your eyes. To the ones, who love shades of white, light cream, beige, and other pastel shades; these colors no doubt give a sophisticated look.

But these colors are also very easy to get stained. Thus select the colors properly.

4. Lighting: 

One of the most important factors is the lighting.

An ideal kitchen must have a minimum of three kinds of lighting. Firstly, the kitchen should have basic lighting that will make the whole kitchen well lit. Secondly, to work efficiently it must have task lighting. Lastly, mood lighting is needed to complement the interior of the kitchen.

5. Design: 

Afterward, decide how you want to style the kitchen space.

There are many options available like tiles, wooden materials, plywood, marbles and much more.

For example – If the existing kitchen space has mostly wooden furniture, one can go for matte brown tiles or ply. One can always mix and match the materials according to their preference and finally designing it in a stylized way.

6. Style:

One can opt to have an open kitchen space it the kitchen area is spacious enough or it is merged with the dining room itself. Opt for kitchen with hidden cabinets and compartments for the shortage of space.

other kitchen's design

7. Built-in sink: 

Not just a modern kitchen, any kind of kitchen must have a sink. It is no rocket science that kitchens turn the messiest very fast, so a proper sink is a must.

Opt for built-in sinks with smart sleek faucets for the shortage of spaces. Also, it looks really chic and smart. 

8. Furniture: 

This is an important criterion when it comes to designing a kitchen. According to the kitchen space, one must include the kitchen furniture like a dining table, kitchen cabinets, wine cellar(not a must).

One can also add a few showpieces, wall hanging stuff, etc. But one should also keep in mind that it must not congest the space.

9. Space:

Keep in mind, the kitchen space should be styled in such a way that it can be able to accommodate if 2 or more people work there at the same time. It should never look overcrowded with 2-3 people.

10. Appliances: 

An ideal kitchen has these basic following appliances.

A fridge, Microwave, oven, coffee maker, toaster, griller, mixer machine, blender and last but not the least, a kitchen chimney. These are the must-have. Choose appliances that can be used in multiple ways.

11. Cookware: 

Apart from the regular and fancy utensils, an ideal modern kitchen must have these following basic tools.

Knives of various types and sizes to use for several purposes, can opener, chopping board, colander, measuring cups and spoons, bowls of various sizes, whisk, grater, spatula, tongs, baking equipment, etc.

12. Grow room: 

Although this is not a must-have, having a grow room in the kitchen, elevates the entire space. It is very useful also because who doesn’t like homegrown aromatic organic herbs on their plate.

If one notes the aforementioned easy to follow tips, he doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in his pocket while giving a facelift to the kitchen space.

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