15 Innovative teaching strategies for preschoolers.

Every child is precious in their individual way.

They come with a message that the higher power has not yet lost hope in mankind. Children are tomorrow’s hope for a sunny future.

Every child is an immeasurable powerhouse of potential.

But when they are young, it is beyond their understanding on how to glide through the untapped intelligence.

It is the adults’, mostly the teachers’ and parents’ duty to guide them through their unused potential from a very tender age, with the help of proper teaching strategies.

If you are someone who is aspiring to be a teacher or proud parent of a toddler, this article is for you.

Various Aspects Of Teaching Strategies

1. Environment

The main aspect of any kind of teaching strategies is creating a proper educational environment.

The preschool learning environment should be welcoming as well as nurturing to the kids.

For the kids, it is going to be their very first experience to literally take steps out of their comfort zone.

Various Aspects Of Teaching Strategies

2. The attitude of the faculty

The 2nd most important concern of any learning process is the students and the teachers and the parents themselves.

One must have noticed that children always look up to the elders for their approval; the young ones always imitate the adults.

It is their natural way of exploring and learning things. Thus, it is of utmost importance that the adults’ behavior should be an amalgamation of a strict yet loving attitude.

3. Learning Experience

The next emphasis on preschool teaching strategies must be on the learning experience itself.

The educational program and all the activities must be very much student-centered

The learning experience can be made very fun and interesting rather than being very technical and theoretical.

This way the preschoolers will also show their involvement when it comes to student learning. Hence, the interaction between the preschoolers themselves and the communication with the teachers will grow stronger.

4. Take The Innovative Route

Assume, you walked into a room full of preschoolers, and all you can see and hear is utter chaos despite the teacher being present there. What will be your next step to pacify them?

Here, one of the ideal teaching strategies is to give them some educational toys or involve them in any kind of playful games and activities.

This method is incorporated not just to calm the kids; it also helps them to strengthen their motor skills.

At this tender age, such creative activities will hold their attention more rather than just reading books or writing.

5. Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning should be given top priority when it comes to preschool teaching strategies.

It is because the more the kids get to involve and participate, not only they learn and speedily grasp new things but also they learn how to behave and react within a group.

One such example of projects based learning is introducing building blocks to the kids. The usage of colorful building blocks helps the kids learn about different shapes and names.

Problem Solving Technique

6. Problem Solving Technique

When it comes to kids, it comes very instinctively to us adults to protect the kids from any kind of situation which may or may not always be harmful.

Doing this every time is not good for the kids because this way they will never learn to deal with any unpleasant situations. Thus, including problem-solving methods in preschool teaching strategies is very essential.

For their learning experience, the teacher and parents could build random roadblocks into their surroundings.

Along with this, keep various solutions ready, which are also very much conceivable to the kids, then let them solve the problems themselves.

Here, the adults can only guide them through the process while the kids find the solution their own way.

7. Small Groups 

Among the other essential preschool teaching strategies, training and schooling the kids in small groups must be given utmost preference.

This way the teachers can give the same amount of attention to each kid and communicate with them freely.

Besides this, just because the preschoolers are young, it would not be such a great idea to cram up more than 20 kids in a confined classroom for a longer period.

small group

8. Story-Telling

Story-telling and rhyming sessions are very popular methods that are included in preschool teaching strategies.

Apart from strengthening the basic skills of listening and various body gestures, storytelling also helps in many other ways. Through storytelling, the kids not only get to explore their vision, curiosity, imagination but also learn about life experiences.

It also allows them to express their emotions and feelings. The kids get to know about cultures, values, and traditions.

9. Role-Playing

Through the method of story-telling, the teacher and the parent can also introduce teaching methods that involve role-playing.

This will make the teaching and learning process very interesting.

Suppose, you want to teach the students about doctors in general. Here the educator can act out the role of a doctor while teaching the student a doctor’s importance in our society.

10. Inquiry-Based  Learning

The preschool learning experience must also be very inquiry-based for the kids. The more the teacher gets to involve question-answer sessions in the classrooms the better. This way the kids bond faster with the teachers while it also helps them boost their vocal proficiency skills.


11. Nurturing Individualism

Teaching toddlers can be a daunting task, but with proper techniques, it can be done in a hassle-free method.

While one cannot expect the kids to be all understanding in every situation, but it is a must to guide them through the learning process with utmost care so that they learn what is acceptable and what is not.

Treat the children as an individual; this will also help them create their sense of being.

12. Realistic Attitude

Teach children the importance of habits, rules, discipline in the preschool learning methods which will help them for their betterment.

It will also give them an idea about the real world and how it works. The younger the kids, the easier it is for the educator to teach them about social and interpersonal skills because the tender age absorbs any kind of information and habits well.

13. Field Trips

Field trips are one of the most fun teaching strategies available out there.

The first thing that field trips in the preschool curriculum does is boosting the kids’ cognitive skills.

It also gives them a sense of excitement; build their enthusiasm while being out in nature. Such fun activities also help the kids to relax.

 14. Healthy Competition

Although it is not very important, introducing grades, pass- fails helps the children be more adaptive to the competitive realities.

Healthy competition is encouraged in preschool learning experience also. The educator must convey the message that while winning feels great, but failing at something is also a part of life.

Without failing at something, nobody can hone perfection.

Healthy Competition

15. Multiple Teaching Methods

Preschool teaching strategies cannot be explained in a compact way.

There is a various school of preschool teaching method available globally. The play-way method and Montessori methods are the most popular amongst them.

Final Words

Nowadays, one can easily find several Montessori and kindergarten schools in their surrounding locality.

10-15 years ago, this was not the regular scenario, not at least in India. But with global educational development, people have come to realize that incorporating certain preschool teaching strategies in early childhood is very crucial as well as beneficial. 

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