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15 Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

There’s a saying that aptly denotes that a picture can say what a thousand words cannot express. It is valid in so many aspects.

Photographs help to seize the moment. It preserves the memories. Photography is an art itself. But what many people don’t understand that it is not just another hobby. In today’s world, the educational field is getting updated so rapidly, and so is the world of career opportunities.

Photography is a rather unconventional career path to follow, one will agree.

But it is also a very lucrative one. Most of the renowned photographers today are self-taught; they ventured into the world of photography for their sheer love towards it.

Then as time progressed, they included photography as a mainstream way of earning money. This is how they started to make money as a photographer.

Are you someone who is genuinely interested and passionate about photography?

Looking for opportunities about earning some extra money as a freelance photographer?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the abovementioned questions, then don’t go anywhere & spend a little time reading this article. You would not be disappointed.

In this article, we are presenting a platter full of excellent ideas to the readers, which will guide them on how to earn a livelihood as a photographer.

15 Ways To Make Money As A Photographer

1. Stock Photography: 

When it comes to making money as a photographer, mentioning stock photography sites are a must.

The stock photography websites are the arsenal of royalty-free images. Whenever someone uses these images, the actual owner and photographer of the image get a certain amount of commission.

However, it is advisable to research thoroughly the websites because there are just too many of them. Also, look out for the popular genre of images there, to make a great income out of your photography skills.

2. Photo Contest: 

Photo contests are not just a great way to show off your creative artistic skill as a photographer, but one can also earn a few bucks from there.

Although, it is not such a great way to make money as a photographer, hey! One can always try, right? Besides that, there are just too many photo contests happening worldwide at this very moment, it also helps the participants to get the right amount of recognition.

This also helps their career as a photographer, in a big way.

Ways To Make Money As A Photographer photo1

3. Event Photography: 

How can event photography be left behind when we are discussing ways to make money as a photographer?

Event photography is an overused broad term here. The photographers charge a specific amount of money to cover weddings, birthdays, concerts, sports events, entertainment shows, pet shows and much more. This is really a profitable way. 

4. Product photography:

In this realm of the digital age, no eCommerce business or any online store would survive a day without proper eCommerce or product photography.

Nowadays, most of the companies and such business owners appoint professional photographers and pay them a handsome amount to do this. Thus, it a great source of income for photographers.

5. Promote New Business: 

Often, business owners who are considerably new to the market, they go all out promoting and advertising their business.

To do this, they hire a professional photographer who clicks really polished photos according to the client’s preferences. The photographers charge a certain amount of money to do so.


6. Club Photography: 

After facing the immense workload and surviving through a tiring week, people go to pubs and night clubs to unwind.

These pubs and nightclubs appoint a few photographers as residential photographers. This is another fun way to get paid by photographing the performers and crowd.

7. Travel Photography: 

If you are someone who loves to travel and has a knack for photography, you might want to consider travel photography.

Travel photographers can sell their images to various magazines, travel companies for a reasonable amount.

8. Photo walks: 

Organizing photo walks is another really cool and educational way to make money as a photographer.

Photo walks also help to learn about the culture, tradition, old stories about the places.

9. Press photography: 

Press photography has a risky connotation attached to it. Simultaneously it also provides ample opportunities to click really spectacular and noteworthy pictures and get paid in return.

Thus, engaging in press photography is a superb way to make money as a photographer.


10. Blog: 

Besides being really therapeutic, blogging can also be very educational and informative.

Photographers can share their experience, tips, and tricks via blogging. As the blog gets popular, don’t forget to monetize your blog. This way also one can make money as a photographer

11. YouTube: 

Nowadays, people can hone their skills on anything following YouTube channels and practicing rigorously.

Photography YouTube channels are really popular also. People visit these channels to know about the photography technique, learn about photography gears and their reviews.

The standard way to make money as a photographer from the YouTube channel is to use advertisements, sponsored posts, Google ad sense.

12. Sell photos & gears: 

The creative artists can also make money as a photographer by selling their most acclaimed photos.

They can exhibit their photos at art galleries, where art lovers can buy photos if they want to. Similarly, the photographers can also sell their photography gears at a reasonable price to the budding photographers.

This way the newcomers also don’t need to spend so much money at the beginning, yet get to own the quality product.

 13. Assist: 

If someone is just starting as a professional photographer, he can assist some renowned photographers.

It will not only help the newcomer to learn from famous photographers & gather experience but also get paid in return.

 14. Retouching: 

Photographer’s job doesn’t end in clicking pictures. After that, the photographer needs to take care of editing and retouching the pictures so that the photos look more polished.

Sometimes it gets too hectic to click & then retouch the photos. Thus the professional photographers also hire someone who has clear knowledge about Photoshop, lightroom, etc. and knows how to retouch photos. Those who get appointed to retouch the pictures only, they also charge a certain amount.

15. Workshop: 

Last but not least; professional photographers can also arrange workshops where they share various tricks & tips of photography.

Earning money while teaching photography is a great idea.

Final Words

By the time you must have realized there are various ways to make money as a photographer

This abovementioned article is also beneficial for those who know nothing about photography but interested to know about its creative freedom side as well as the overall monetary aspect of it.

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