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30 Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

Christmas is a time for having fun and gala time, especially for children.

Parents look forward to making their children’s holiday filled with fun activities.

Organizing parties is the best way to bring together family and friends and create a lasting happy memory for your little ones.

But often hosting parties involve a lot of money and it’s not possible for everyone to afford so many expenses.

To prepare for your kid’s Christmas party you may want to know about some useful Christmas party ideas for kids.

Host an exciting party with fun games, unique decorations and delicious food items with these budget-friendly Christmas party ideas for kids.

1. Cheerful Balloons

Balloons are the most inexpensive item to make your party décor vibrant and colorful.

You can also involve your kids in this by asking them to use ribbons, sprinklers, and sparkles to change the shape and look of the ordinary balloons.

Present shaped balloons or balloons of any other festive designs are easily available in shops or online stores at very reasonable prices to give a stylish look to your kid’s party.

2. Party Lightings

Fairy light is one of its kinds as it is pocket-friendly as well as gives a beautiful feel to the whole party décor.

They are found in various colors and shapes. Your children can also have a fun time decorating them all over the room.

You can make your children wrap these fairy lights around old glass bottles or jars and place these at various corners of the room. This can give a classy look to your party.

3. Paint Chip Decoration

One of the best Christmas party ideas for kids is to incorporate paint chips decoration for your party.

You can decorate your wall with paint chips. Paint chips are found in various colors and can easily be cut into shapes of your choice.

Engaging your children into making garlands with these paint chips are a great way to involve them in the party preparation and also to save your money and time of buying expensive party wall decorations.

4. Papery Backdrop

You can create a photo booth or a photo corner where your children can enjoy clicking pictures with their friends.

Preparing the photo booth can be done just by preparing a backdrop with wrapping papers and paper cut-outs of snowflakes, bells, and Santa caps. This photo time idea is generous on your pocket and fun for your kids.

5. Christmas Table

Food table decoration tip is important among other Christmas party ideas for kids as children love funky vibrant stuff.

Food table décor can involve bundled-up red and white paper flowers which can either be bought from the market or can be home-made.

There can also be beautiful red cups and plates which can be layered up with white ribbons or laces. All these items are very cheap as well as easily available.

6. Cookie Fun

Children have a great time if a party has a lot of games to play and activities to do.

Cookie decorating is one of the most favorite activities of kids. You can arrange for a particular flavor of cookie and ask your guests to carry cookies of any flavor of their choice. Then give the kids a particular corner where they can have a fun time decorating those cookies with sprinkles, gems, edible glue, icing, nuts, and other fun items.

7. Colorful Mess

Coloring and painting are all-time favorites of kids, even of adults.

You can get hold of Christmas themed pictures that are available at a very low cost and let your children go wild with crayons and paints.

This one of the most useful Christmas party ideas for kids as children stay engaged and also enjoy their time.

8. Gingery Home

Another fun and engaging activity of a Christmas party is gingerbread house making.

You can keep small houses prepared with graham crackers or gingerbread and on the day of the party just hand the children some candies, icing and edible decorating items and watch them build their little gingerbread magic houses.

For older kids you can ask them to design their own ginger houses and bake different parts of the house according to their will.

9. Crafty Joy

A party with craft-making as one of its activities has the hearts of the children.

The craft requires basic stationaries, which are very cost-effective, can be given to children as take-away gifts. Kids can enjoy making a craft at the party and will also be happy to carry the same at home.

Origami, card making, mask making are few craft examples that top the list of best Christmas party ideas for kids.

10. Glittery Jar

Another fun activity is Christmas jar decorating.

This is also one of the best ways to reuse your old glass jars. Pamper the kids with lots of colorful glitters, buttons, ribbons and other fun accessories so that they can create beautiful jars.

Kids will get more motivated if you arrange for a craft exchange station where they can exchange their craft with one another.

11. Tree Treat

What can be more exciting than getting to decorate the Christmas tree at a Christmas party?

Kids absolutely love it. You can easily find inexpensive mini Christmas trees from any stationary store. Get a bundle of these for your party and ask the kids to carry their favorite tree decoration items.

Team the kids up and let them have fun decorating their mini trees.

12. Bingo Blast

Bingo is a favorite game for any party.

That is the reason why bingo finds a place in the top Christmas party ideas for kids list.

Christmas themed bingo is a good option for the kids to have a crazily exciting game time with their buddies.

13. Toss It Down

Tossing marbles is another unique game to entertain your kids at the Christmas party.

If you have mini cups and an old canvas or cardboard then you are all set for this game. Just stick the cups on the canvas or cardboard with a glue gun. The rule of the game is to land the marbles into the cups.

The children are sure to have a blast.

14. Pictionary Pleasure

Pictionary is a great game to play at a Christmas party.

Get print outs of images related to Santa Claus or Christmas carols and make them into cute cards. You will need a write and erase whiteboard.

The rule of the game is that one has to look into the card and draw it on the board and others have to guess the content of the card.

This game requires things that are easily found at home or can be bought at a very low cost.

15. Soothing Carols

A party cannot go without music; especially, a Christmas party.

Christmas carols are very soothing and heartwarming. Without Christmas carols, the list of best Christmas party ideas for kids goes incomplete.

Children absolutely love and enjoy singing them. You can raise the bar of your party by arranging a karaoke and let the children sing their favorite Christmas carols.

16. Amazingly Appetizing

What are the use of a decorated food table without delicious food and refreshing drink on it?

You can create an appetizer tree with grapes, strawberries, and cheese. Celery can be used as the stems of the trees. Kids will find these trees very attractive.

17. Fruity Snack

For a healthy punch, you can set up a fruit bar.

Fruit bar is undoubtedly unique incorporation in the list of Christmas party ideas for kids.

You can keep peanut butter, honey, seasoning, caramel to have with the fruits. It is both healthy and cost-effective.

18. Fun Christmas Bottles

Prep up mini glass bottles with red ribbons and buttons to give them an impressive funky look.

You can serve milkshakes, mojitos and fresh fruit juices in these bottles. The kids can enjoy the refreshing drinks during the party.

19. Reindeer Burgers

Another snack option for your Christmas party can be mini burgers.

To give it a Christmas touch decorate them with ketchup smiles and black olive eyes.

You can split and stick pretzel twists on the top side of the mini burgers to use them as horns and give the burgers a reindeer look.

20. Popcorn Crunch

Popcorn is an all-time favorite.  You can jazz up the salty popcorn with some butter and marshmallow mixture and some colorful candy.

The popcorns have a crunchy texture and a sweet-salty kick for the mouth. Children love the unique taste of the popcorn and also its colorful impressive look.

21. Sweet Snowman

Sno-ball is an easy home-made dessert.

It’s delicious to eat and all its ingredients are easily available at reasonable prices.

You can actually give these snowballs a snowman look by attaching orange gems as a nose and use choco-chips as eyes. 

22. Snowman Pop

Oreos can be used in a very unique way to make a Christmas themed snack.

Dip the Oreos in white chocolate and let them cool down in a freezer. Decorate them with colorful icing and make them look like snowman.

Your kids will love to help you in making this messy dessert. Attack mini sticks to each Oreo and serves them as snowman pops.

A unique and impressive snack at very low cost.

23. Festive Pudding Cups

Kids love pudding, whether its vanilla flavor or chocolate flavor. Get some pudding cups, black buttons, Santa belts and some glue.

Decorate the pudding cups with the black buttons and the Santa belts. Serve the pudding in these cups. The cups look really nice and attractive.

24. Handy Bookmarks

A child or an adult, everyone loves to get a gift during Christmas.

For return gifts for your little guests, you can always opt for home-made bookmarks or store-bought handmade paper bookmarks.

Bookmark is a simple yet useful gift and is a recommended gift idea in the list of Christmas party ideas for kids. It is both cost-effective and useful.

25. Bucket of Joy

Another great option for gifting is mini buckets of homemade cookies and chocolates.

Jazz up the buckets with ribbons or gift tags and fill them with wrapped homemade chocolates or cookies.

These mini buckets fill children with utter joy and pleasure.

26. Foosball Amusement

You can also make up mini foosball table with the help of your little one.

These tables can be easily made with old shoe-boxes, wrapping paper, clothespin, and toy golf balls.

They are suitable for the small hands of children. Children will love receiving this gift. As made from leftover scratch, it is extremely budget-friendly.

27. Clayey Recreation

The clay art set is another cheap gift idea. Children love playing with the clay doughs and mold them into clay models and items of their choice.

28. Happy Pajama Time

Many organize themed Christmas party. Pajama party is something that not many think of as a Christmas party theme but is sure to get listed as one of the most heart-winning Christmas party ideas for kids.

The main idea of the party is that the children will come in their pajamas.

They can have storytime with stories from the Bible. You can arrange other fun games and activities as well.

The party can end with gifts presented inside stockings and socks.

29. Joy of Sharing

You can organize a party with the purpose of donation and charity.

It is a good way to teach your children that they have a blessed life and there are many who live a less fortunate life.

The main focus of the party is to collect food, winter clothes, and other donations and distribute these among the unprivileged at the end of the party.

30. Global Christmas

A Christmas party themed as ‘Christmas around the world’ is a very unique idea.

Children can research about how Christmas is celebrated around the globe and choose one country to represent at the party.

They can dress up like that country, carry any authentic dish from that country and have a chat session where they can share information with each other about the Christmas celebrations of the different countries.

Keeping the financial constraints in mind one needs to come up with various unique and pocket-friendly Christmas party ideas for kids so that fun and budget can go hand-in-hand. These Christmas party ideas can help you host a superb party. With these handy and extraordinary Christmas party ideas for kids, you are sure to win everyone’s heart, especially of your children, making the festive season  a memorable one.

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