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7 Amazing ideas for ecommerce photography to boost your business

How many times has it happened that you stumbled upon certain product images while scrolling the social media newsfeed leisurely and stopped!??

Those certain images held your attention enough for you to click on it. Once you clicked on it, it took you to an eCommerce website & landed you on the product page from where you can actually buy the products.

Well, have you ever have questions on who clicks such pictures? Or has it ever occurred to you that it is actually a legit career option?! 

Hello!! Welcome to the unconventional yet very crucial world of eCommerce photography.

Without proper eCommerce photography, no eCommerce business or any online store would survive a day.

If you are a budding photographer and want to take your passion for photography to the next level, with this article we will take you through the unique territory of the product photography.

If you are someone who owns a small business & wants to venture into the digital world and sell online, this article is going to be massively helpful for you as well.

What Is Ecommerce Photography?

In easier terms, eCommerce photography is a branch of photography with the help of which one can properly describe an item or product online.

It is not as easy as it sounds though.

Requirement For Ecommerce Photography

Basic Requirement For Ecommerce Photography

  • A quality camera
  • Type of lenses
  • Proper lighting
  • Neutral or aesthetic background
  • Tripod
  • Reflector

Why Ecommerce Photography?

In today’s world, technology has engulfed our entire life. Everything is available at our fingertips. Whenever people need something, the first thing they do is, find it in search engines.

This way online shopping has become a rage. Many eCommerce websites are there, adding to that competition many small business owners are also opening online stores.

Not necessarily they all have a proper website, but still, they are doing amazing business by utilizing social media from A to Z. 

If one sees this from a customer’s point of view, would you rather buy something from online that does have a proper picture from every angle or which only has a theoretical description and does not have any picture to endorse!?

Of course, you will choose the first option because it provides significant clarity. Unlike the in-store scenario, where the customer can hold the item in their hand, here it offers the customer the closest kind of visual experience before making any purchasing decision.

Thus, good photography matters. It can make or break the deal.

product photography sample

7 Ecommerce Photography Tips To Boost Your Business

1. Fitting Background: 

Determining the background is very important when it comes to a professional product. Spend your moolah on a white sweep as it is the most workable one. It is actually a white background that is devoid of any edges. If not white, choose any neutral, light color background. This will also give you awesome results. Perks of using such a background is that it solely focuses on the eCommerce product itself and, which is really required in product photography.

2. Camera:

A great camera would definitely do justice to the product. But if you don’t own a fancy expensive camera, don’t fret. You can work with what you have and deliver awesome photos. Having a proper sense of photography is more important here. Sometimes smartphone cameras work just fine.

3. Appropriate lighting: 

Proper lighting is the backbone of any kind of photography. Sound lighting helps the product to come to life. Make natural light your best friend while clicking a product. If using artificial lights, keep in handy 2 or more softboxes. These kinds of light sources help to represent the image very well. Experiment with the lighting to know what works for the product better.

4. Angle matters: 

To show your product with more clarity, make sure you click the product from various angles. Incorporate an eye-level angle to show how the product is going to look to the bare eyes, in real. Use high angle and bird’s eye view to show how the product looks from above. The low angle will offer a more striking impact on the product. The slanted angle works better if you want to give some dramatic effect.

5. Staging:

Pay considerable attention to the staging. With the help of better staging sense, you can show your product exactly as it is while making it visually pleasing. Clothing products should always be ironed. The surface should always be neat and clean. While clicking kitchen equipment, make sure they are shining and doing their job properly.

6. Context:

Context is very important when it comes to eCommerce photography. Make sure to create a visual story while clicking the professional and eCommerce products. This way it will appeal to a wide range of customers. As an example, while clicking any jewelry items, don’t just click the jewelry item only. Make sure to include pictures of a smiling model trying on the jewelry. If the eCommerce product is a fridge, it looks visually really appealing if the fridge is stocked up with fresh produce.

7. Quality: 

Be very consistent with the quality of the imagesEach and every product images need to look stunning to the bare eyes. But that does not mean, to heighten the aesthetic factor, one needs to use many props or jazzy backdrops. That’s a big NO in the field of eCommerce photography. Minimalism is the key here.

Ecommerce Photography Tips

Token of advice

It might be really overwhelming to keep in mind all those above-mentioned e-commerce photography tips while clicking a product, especially if you have very nominal to zero knowledge about photography. The work does not end here also. Once you clicked all the pictures, you will need to retouch them also to make the pictures worthy enough.

In this kind of scenario, hire a professional photographer or appoint a product photographer, if your budget permits. You can also ask for a free trial, if possible.

 These professionals charge a certain amount for their services. But you can always negotiate. They will take care of everything from clicking to post-production. In the end, you will receive the polished product images ready to go up on the website. As an eCommerce business owner, it will lessen your burden also, however little that may be.

Final Words

By this time, you must have realized that eCommerce photography is also a big part of any eCommerce business. The demand for this kind of photography is huge in this digital field of business. It is an unorthodox yet lucrative career option as well. 

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