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Apply these 5 techniques to improve your Physical Fitness

The guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organisation) report ‘Improve your Physical Fitness’, 2017 focussed primarily on the pitfalls of neglecting the one most important facet of our lives: Health and physical fitness. Taking care of our bodies is something that keeps getting ignored until the time it breaks down.

A human body is an ingenious creation and it is our duty to keep it healthy, for its potential to achieve is huge. For everything that humans have created, invented and discovered, his initial investment has been his brain, his blood, his body, and his mind. In a previous article, we observed how the body complements our thinking capacities, our emotional faculties and so on. Yet, more than 8 million people suffer only from heart attacks annually.

Degrading health, increasing pollution, exponential work pressure and deteriorating work culture add to our woes every day. We lead our lives like machines, moving to and fro between the office and home. We rarely smile and laugh, and instead of planning our next travel destination, we plan on meeting deadlines! Amidst all of this what lacks is our will to take care of our own selves, love ourselves (body and mind alike) and consciously trying to better their conditions. Shout out to this: Improve your Physical Fitness! All we need to do is find half an hour from our busy schedules and give it to the betterment of our body and mind. A peaceful mind is a key to success and a healthy body is a key to a peaceful mind. Pediatricians claim that depression affects those more who fail to take proper care of their bodies.

5 ways to improve your Physical Fitness

When blood does not reach the entire body equally, the enzymes and hormones secretion from the brain gets imbalanced, leading to various micro-effects which we rarely notice. These micro-effects pile up over the years, and they show up one day as a fatal disease. We repeat what we don’t repair and repairing is a must. Here are the 5 very simple techniques to improve your physical fitness, all of which takes a tiny amount of your schedule but shall prove to be a boon in your later life.

1. Cardiovascular Endurance (CE) Exercises

As mentioned in one of the previous articles, Cardiovascular Endurance means our body’s capability to reach oxygenated blood to the entire body without getting fatigued too soon. They are also known as aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular fitness is of utmost importance to prevent heart diseases, lung infections, stomach infections, indigestion and other micro-harming aspects which take a toll on our lives at a later stage. Prolonged indigestion if kept unchecked may lead to stomach ulcers and foodies should take note of this! There are various kinds of cardio training or aerobic exercises, ranging from mild to heavy. Depending on your health conditions and age, your fitness trainer shall prescribe you the perfect CE module. Some of the best methods to increase your cardiovascular endurance irrespective of your age are cycling, swimming, jogging, skipping and walking.

Some of the extreme cardio exercises are the following:

  • Mountain climbing.
  • Rowing.
  • Punching,
  • Karate or Judo Practice,
  • Heavy running (about 400-500 meters every day) and
  • Vertical Jump.

Kindly contact your fitness trainer before you start practicing any of these. That being said, CE training is your first step in improving your physical fitness.

2. Strength Training

The world has got obsessed with how you look naked! Is that all that is strength training about? Well, a big NO! Strength training is greater than just building muscles or having a very good shape. Strength training is the second-most important method in your fitness module. Have you ever wondered how laborers without any gym training or fitness module manage to have such good body posture and tight biceps and triceps? One of the main reasons is strength training and muscular endurance exercises built in the very job they do all day.

Strength training involves weight training routines, ones which you can also practice at your home. Just manage some bricks and you are set. No dumbbells, gyms and heavy training machines. Losing excess fat is the most visible effect of weight-training workouts. Although CE training and strength training merge at some points, and that needs to be kept in mind. For instance, practicing dips every day is a very efficient way to boost your CE as well as work on your overall body strength.

Apart from improving your shape and posture, strength training decreases the fatigue time of your muscles. With practice, your muscles would be able to bear greater strain over extended periods of time. On the road to improve your physical fitness, strength training is a must.

Some of the combined cardio-strength training workouts are:

  • Squatting,
  • Pushups,
  • Holding weights in both hands.

Practicing these does not require any trainer and all of them are extremely efficient in improving your physical fitness.

3. Body Stretching

Along with strength training, body stretching also increases your muscles’ endurance strength and capacity to handle the strain. In your fitness module, this is perhaps the most painful series of exercises. The basic stretching exercises are those athletes practice in their warm-ups.

Some of them are:

  • Standing Hamstring Stretch
  • Piriformis Stretch
  • Triceps Stretch
  • Figure Four Stretch
  • 90/90 Stretch

Stretching increases flexibility, and the more it hurts, the better it is for your muscles. Stretching for all muscles smoothens the joint movements and significantly decreases the chances of sprains, lower back pains, waist pains and so on. For the best stretching exercises suited for your body, a fitness trainer should be contacted. Sudden pressure on account of stretching can cause serious injuries.

4. Proper Diet and drinking plenty of water

A famous saying goes like this: We are what we eat. While you finish reading this sentence, 50000 cells of your body died and were replaced. But what are they replaced with? Each organ of our body sheds the outdated cells to renew them with new ones. The cells are made from the nutrients our stomach churns out from the food we intake. Thus, the food we consume in a way defines us.

This is the reason doctors harp on having a balanced diet. A balanced diet is the best diet to keep your body and mind together on the road to the development and improvement of your physical fitness. Along with a vegetarian diet, the consumption of fair amounts of meat is also necessary. Fish has a large number of phospholipids which are necessary for maintaining the sodium/potassium levels of our bodies. Good diet foods are those which help maintain our chemical balance and body composition.

We understand a diet chart and healthy eating guidelines suited for you is something you are looking for long. Here at Fitness Priority, we shall provide you with one, keeping your age, weight, medical history in mind.

Along with food, one of the most crucial aspects necessary not only for your health but also for your survival is water. Keep this in mind: Whenever in doubt, always drink water. A study showed that Indians lag behind in their daily water intake by about 40%. The recommended daily water intake is 4 liters.

Here are some of the benefits of plenty of water intake:

  • Increases Brain Power, muscle activity and energy
  • Flushes out toxins from your body
  • Keeps your kidneys healthy
  • Improves your skin
  • Improves your immune system
  • Regulates your sleeping patterns
  • Prevents headaches

Water is one ingenious substance in abundance on this planet. It is where the first form of life was born. Drinking enough water is of the utmost crucial for healthy living in order to improve your physical fitness.

5. Sleep

The last, but one crucial element of healthy living is proper sleep. A sound sleep of about 7 hours is necessary for your body to repair all the damages and to keep the damage repair balance up and running. During sleep, all information that we intake is processed and kept in secluded areas in our brains. Doctors suggest a minimum of 6 hours of sleep every day to ensure a balanced body and mind.

Insomnia is a very common disorder nowadays. It results in a lack of sleep despite extreme tiredness. You are just unable to sleep after a long day at the office. It occurs due to hypertension, stress and intense wakefulness when the brain thinks it is not yet time to go to sleep and keeps all our senses wide awake. Insomnia, depression, and anxiety are intricately linked. And in this world which is designed to depress us, it is very easy to contract insomnia.

Lack of sleep for a prolonged period of time, doctors claim, can develop tumors in our bodies. All that is lost from our body is recovered during sleep. When our eyes shut down, we stop taking in information, giving time to the brain to process it all. Body damages are also information which the brain needs to process and furnish accordingly. Lack of deep sleep does not give the brain a chance for repairs and such micro-injuries pile up to show on a gigantic scale one day.


Taking care of your body and mind go hand in hand. It comes with a worldview that you matter, you are beautiful no matter what people say and to improve your physical fitness is the first step to self-loving. You want to achieve so much in your life, your dreams are out there waiting to be taken by you, and you are on that path. Never fear, never retreat, keep your body and mind in line, and everything else is a piece of cake! Some great person said, ‘Above all, love your body the most. It has got no spare parts. Everything else can be replaced, but not you!’

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