Know all about Construction Project Management Processes

The fundamental aim of any construction project management is to give the clients the fulfillment of a workable project along with an accurate budget and service.

In easier words, construction project management is the final execution of a task with the help of absolute project planning, systemizing and inspecting thoroughly. Project management in the construction arena does not have a steadfast pattern. It varies from task to task.

Who This Course Is Suitable For?

Nowadays, construction project management is a definite branch of an educational course, based on design and construction. This course is for those who are interested in learning the diverse mechanism behind any construction process. This course is also for those who are already working in the construction industry. It helps them to learn about different construction tools, concepts & apply accordingly.

This course is a must for those who are determined to become a construction project manager.

Learning Outcome of The Course

  • Here in this course, the students will learn the basics of project induction, outlining the project& organizing it further.
  • This course also provides further knowledge about project evolution, how to complete the project, features of risk management.
  • This course also guides the students to navigate through the field of the construction site with various digital solutions.

Now that we have talked about the academic angle of construction project management, let’s throw the light on the crucial aspects of it.

Role Of The Construction Project Manager

Role Of The Construction Project Manager

Like any other job, the role of a project manager in the field of construction project management is also the same. It is the project manager’s utmost duty to conceptualize the plan according to the given project design. The budget is also a relevant factor here. The project manager always keeps a keen eye on the budget while the other workers toil on the job site.

He is the sole person who is in charge of supervising the project from its initiation to its completion. It is the project manager’s responsibility to make sure that the project ends within the proposed schedule.

It is the project manager’s job to arrange for a meeting with the team members from time to time. This way he also gets updated information about the ongoing project. The project manager can change the methods and strategies of the project plan to get to the execution stage efficiently.

Role of the Contract administrator

Once the project design and other project outlining plans get finalized, then the project manager appoints a contract administrator. The contract administrator is in charge of the contract document management of the project. He has to keep an eye on how the contract is being worded before the bidding process starts.

Role Of The General Contractor

As soon as the project keeper dishes out the project information with the contractors, he gets bids. There are 2 types of bids happen namely open bid & closed bid.

Throughout the bidding process, the project owner works out a deal with the contractor regarding the payment agreement. 

Pivotal Goals Of Construction Project Management

1. Cost management: 

To keep the project ongoing within the given budget, it is necessary to manage the project’s monetary obligations efficiently. Project managers are responsible for this job. It is his liability to consider all aspects of the said project whether it is design, labor, material, administration.

2. Time management: 

Time is money. Like any other project in any field, time management is also given special importance in construction management. It not only helps the project manager to track the entire ongoing project but also helps him to foresee the possible delays.

3. Safety Management: 

It is no brainer that the construction site is full of hazards that turn out to be injurious to the workers. It can also cause massive property damage. Thus, following a proper safety protocol is very necessary for construction management.

Vital Stages of Construction Project Management

Stages of Construction Project Management

It is known that there is a huge spectrum of workload prevails in this field. But there are 5 key stages in this construction management process. This phase of the project is cultivated by the project management institute since the project gets initiated.

1. Initiation:

The very 1st stage of the project is the project initiation. During this phase, the project manager must figure out the case whether the project is compatible and achievable. After this is done, then the project manager fills out a project initiation document with all the required venture needs. One can also call it the design stage. 

2. Planning:

The 2nd stage of the construction project is planning. This planning chapter is crucial. Here, the project manager creates an outline for everyone involved. The entire project team follows the proposed plan until the execution. There is also a communication plan which everyone follows. 

3. Execution:

In this 3rd stage, the project manager arranges a meeting, where the whole team sits for a discussion about how to complete the task at hand efficiently. Not only that, in this meeting only, the project team members get to know their assigned work, and how to finish that within the project schedule.

4. Tracking of performance:

This is the monitoring phase, which happens all at once with the execution phase. During this supervising phase, the entire performance and progress of the project get measured.

5. Project closure meeting:

As the completion of the project comes close, the manager calls for a meeting. In this meeting, the topic of discussion stays very basic and to the point. The entire team gives their review on the project and also looks for whether the goal of the project got accomplished fully. At this stage, the project owners usually offer a warranty period to make the agreement official.

Final Words

Construction project management is an intricate business region that is attaining a more dominated place globally. To know and learn more about management in a construction project, one needs to have a proper background in different educational areas. Applicable knowledge in law, finance, business & mediation helps.

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