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Fat loss vs Weight loss – Must read before starting your program

Do you check yourself in the mirror every day with a sigh and a wish? A wish to lose your weight and be in proper shape? Spoiler alert: You are thinking wrong. Well, you aren’t thinking wrong, you are putting it the wrong way. You don’t want to lose weight. You want to lose fat. This dichotomy of fat loss vs weight loss has affected everyone, from fitness freaks to health-concerned individuals. Before starting any fitness program, it is absolutely necessary to get into the nitty-gritty of it, because it is our body that we are dealing with here, the precious temple where our minds reside.

Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Losing body fat is completely different from losing bodyweight. When we talk about weight loss, biologically speaking, it denotes the total mass of our bones, organs, tissues, and muscles combined. In losing bodyweight, one actually decreases the mass of each organ, bones getting lighter or less dense, your muscles losing strength as they keep getting less dense as well. To lose weight is easy. Just stop eating and you are done. In a few days, the fat from your body will burn and you would get thin in no time. But the downside is, not only your body fat, but your muscles would weaken too and compare to your body fat percentage, your muscles would lose more mass.

As your muscles are devoid of the nutrients, they would reduce in strength. Thus, they would break down and stop working efficiently at one point in time. Losing body fat, on the other hand, is a healthy and long-drawn process that requires focus on retaining body weight while significantly losing lean body fat. The factor that determines the correctness of your fitness module is the ratio of lean body mass and body fat. In other words, it is the ratio of body fat vs muscles, bones, tissues, organs, nerves, etc.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss: How to focus on fat loss while gaining muscle and weight?

The number on the scale means nothing. It does not tell you your body fat from the mass of everything else fitted inside your body. The number on the scale does not tell you to focus on fat loss and not on body weight. It just shows you the tip of the iceberg, and that too not always accurately. Our body is a genius and it works the best when everything is balanced. Body composition determines this balance.

In our previous articles, we discussed in detail the necessary ingredients of your fitness module. Assimilating that knowledge with this debate on fat loss vs weight loss is crucial to your health and fitness. The 5 components of physical fitness shall provide you with the ultimate and ideal fitness module best suited for you.

Here are some tips for you regarding the maintenance of the body composition:

Never decrease calorie intake

This is the very basic law of staying fit. Out of desperation to look good, people discount on their regular diet. There are worse cases like reducing water consumption. Decisions and fitness modules like these cause irreparable damage to our bodies. Therefore, having a balanced diet is of prime importance. One who follows a strict diet can never intake anything that is off balance. If you are going fat despite exercises, always check your diet chart. That is where everything starts.

Focussing on Fat Loss

Fat loss vs weight loss needs to be maintained with meticulous importance. Extra fat harms the body. That is the bottom line. But shedding all the fat, down to the last inch is harmful as well. Fat provides energy during strenuous times, as they break down when food is not available close by. The fat and muscle balance is an important part of our fitness module. For each of us, the ratio varies, depending on our blood pressure, heart-beat rate and various other factors. There is no one standardized unit for the entire humanity.

Gaining weight

Putting on weight while significantly cutting on the body fat is perhaps the best way to ensure your physical fitness. To meet this objective, we need to perform strength training. It provides your muscles with cardiovascular endurance and increases their efficiency as well as mass. Strength training along with stretching exercises gives you the ultimate fitness module where you gain weight and reduce the extra fat significantly.

Drinking lots of water and fighting the stigma of fatness

Well, believe us or not, water has too many advantages and benefits to our body physiology. Apart from keeping the kidneys extremely efficient and flushing out toxins, it keeps pace with all the metabolic activities of our body, keeping the chemical imbalances in check. Thus, drinking enough water is central to our well-being, physical fitness, and reducing fat mass as opposed to losing weight. Another important point worth keeping in mind is you need to stay fit for yourself and no one else. You do not have to take the shortcut of losing weight and harming your body beyond repair. Take the longer path to success, beauty, fitness, and prosperity.


Fat loss and weight loss are easy-to-confuse concepts and are increasingly getting synonymous with each other. We at The Fitness Priority shall keep on harping on what is right. Fat loss vs weight loss is not one against the other. We need both of them, at different levels, in different time periods. Irregular weight loss is extremely detrimental to your health and we ask our readers to remember that. Whatever that is beautiful has been achieved by humanity with painstaking effort. There is no shortcut to success, the roads are slippery and difficult. But that is the challenge. Cheers!

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