How to adopt a child? The adoption process explained in 10 simple steps.

Family always comes first. Almost every human being at some point in their life, want to settle down, have a family of their own.

But sometimes fate plays a twisted part. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a biological child. But that does not mean they have to be deprived of the joy that parenthood provides. 

‘Adoption’ – this word has a heavyweight attached to it. There are numerous children out there ready to be adopted and cherish the love of a family. Similarly, there are many parents who have a strong desire for parenthood & are really determined to adopt a child

Nevertheless, the process of adoption is a tedious one. It might seem a very daunting idea to adopt a child. But it is not something that is inconceivable. With proper guidance, research, professional help one can easily navigate through the adoption process.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 steps one can follow to adopt a child. This article will be very informative for those who are interested yet very hesitant about the adoption process. It is for those parents who don’t know where to start. 

Well, fret not! We have got all of that covered. Read on to know more.

1. Come To A Decision: 

Before you start panicking about the mechanism of the adoption process, ask yourself enough whether you really want to adopt a child or not! 

  • Are you mentally, financially prepared? 
  • do you want to adopt a child?
  • Does your spouse feel the same regarding adoption? 
  • Do your other family members are on board with the idea of you adopting a baby?
  • Is adoption really your last resort to treasure the joys of parenthood?

Once you are sure that you have clear & affirmative answers to these previous questions. Then only you commit yourself to the long, exhausting adoption process.

2. Educate Yourself About The Types Of Adoption:

Now that you have really decided that you want to adopt a child, the next task for you is learning about the type of adoption available out there.

  • Do you want to adopt a baby or are you more interested in adopting an older child?
  • Do you want to adopt a domestic child or an international child?
  • Do you want to adopt via any agency or foster care home? Or do you want to proceed through this adoption process privately?
  • Would you like to interact with foster parents or birth parents?

Once you get all the answers to these aforementioned questions, it will be far easier for you to cruise through the intimidating process of adopting a child.

3. Select An Efficient Adoption Agency:

Choosing a reliable adoption agency, to begin with, is half the work done. However, adoptive parents should be aware of their chosen agency and its previous works.

Neither every adoption agency has the same reputation, nor is their work ethics the same. Thus, it is advisable to research thoroughly about the adoption agency. 

Before you zero in on one agency, consult various agencies and their beneficial services.

It is very normal to choose for a professional whose fee is comparatively less than others. But there are several factors are at play such as hidden fees, disruption rates, waiting times and much more.

Thus, it is recommended not to just look at the fee structure of the adoption professional. 

4. Becoming Hopeful, Nurturing Adoptive Parents:

Before you bring home a child, the adoptive parents must complete the home study. 

In easier words, it means the hopeful parents need to go through a few meet up with a social worker and give proper answers to her questions. The social worker will perform a family background checking which will also include medical background, financial background, any kind of criminal background checking. 

Only after she is satisfied with the reports, & based on the given answers, and the meetup, the social worker will decide whether you qualify as adoptive parents. 

It is the crucial examination phase the adoptive parents need to go through to adopt a child.

5. Adoption Opportunity Comes Knocking:

Once the parents prove their eligibility to be the adoptive parents, and then only they get the scope of looking for prospective adoption opportunity. Their search becomes official.

The expectant adoptive family profile is shown to the birth mothers; it is up to her to decide who she chooses as her baby’s family.

This process can take longer than usual. This time is called the waiting period. This waiting period can get really frustrating. But being disheartened, panicking over it, waiting desperately for a phone call from the adoption agency only adds to the stress.

It is recommended to the adoptive parents to keep themselves busy in other areas of life during this time.

Keep in mind the waiting phase might seem longer to the adoptive parents. But it’s during this time the adoption agency does all their work with their best effort.

adopt a child

6. Communication Help:

Once the birth mother chooses an adoptive parent’s profile, it is only natural that she would want to know about the family more & vice versa.

The communication between both parties before going on with the adoption procedure is really necessary. It provides a great opportunity to discuss the plan for all the people involved in the process.

Make sure to keep the communication really clear and open-minded.

7. Hospital Stay: 

Once the birth mother interacts with the adoptive parents openly, it is only then she will let them know about the overall adoption plan. This plan also includes the hospital stay. The adoptive parents are expected to follow the birth mother’s wish.

It is a delicate, apprehensive time for the birth mother as well as for the adoptive parents.

8. Legally Adopt A Child: 

This is the finalization period after all the waiting. The adoptive family needs to go through another round of meet up with the social workers, & attend a hearing to legalize the adoption process. 

Once all the legal procedure, documentation is done, the adoptive family is given the custody of the child legally.

It is an exciting period for the adoptive family

9. Post-adoption meetups: 

Once the adoptive parents are given the legal custody of the child, the adoption process doesn’t stop there. 

The adoptive parent must arrange a cordial meet up with the birth mother, where she can get updates on her child, how the child is doing.

10. Handling the situation sensitively: 

Once the adoptive parents are done with the process & adopt a child, the process does not stop there. 

This phase is really sensitive & can be overwhelming for the kid and the parents. The child needs time to settle down in the new environment. The parents also welcome an updated, caring lifestyle once they welcome the child. 

It is also called the adjusting phase. 

Final Words

There is a quote,” you don’t choose your family.” It cannot be truer than this. Those couples who are unable to have a child of their own, they can always adopt a child & enjoy the blessings of parenthood.

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