What is the Quantum glass battery? And What Are Its Uses?

Battery technology is going through a serious revolution in today’s time.

Batteries are the object which allows us to use a lot of different electronic devices like our smartphones, lamps, torches, toys, and various other things that we can see around us on a regular basis.

Even though the world and it’s technology in almost every aspect has improved and advanced a lot, the growth and development of Lithium-ion battery are still limited.

There are many challenges with this battery but the invention of the new one is probably going to solve them easily.

However, finally, it seems that a breakthrough is being made as researchers have invented a new battery type which is far more advanced and sophisticated than the regular Lithium-ion batteries we use now.

This new battery type has been named the Quantum glass battery or some people are calling it the “The Jesus Battery” as well.

This battery is supposedly going to bring a huge change in the global scenario and will provide never seen before energy storage.

Some people are claiming that this is the battery that will power the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution in the coming years.

Considered to be a groundbreaking invention in the history of battery technology, you will be surprised to know why Quantum glass battery is the talk of the town.

What’s so special about the battery?

The Quantum glass battery is special because of many reasons which we have never seen before in a very long time.

At the same time in 2019, we are witnessing massive popularity in the electric car industry.

Several automobile manufacturers like Honda and Tesla have launched electric vehicles which offer excellent service and eco-friendly solution to the transportation needs of the people around the world.

Electric cars require a battery to run and the Quantum glass battery is going to change the face of this industry and provide it with the boost that they need.

Researchers and battery experts are claiming that a single charge of this battery will be enough to allow the people to ride a car at least 1000 miles.

Hence, you can imagine how much power this battery will be able to store.

It is expected that the battery will need 2 kWh per second of power to full charge within an hour.

A typical stove element that uses around 1500W of power will consume such an amount of energy in one hour.

Hence, around 4000 of such elements are required to match the power of a Quantum glass battery.

It will take about 1 hour before the battery charges completely for long-term use.

Scientists are working to make the battery more stable and efficient durable enough to properly store and provide such power. But it won’t be long before we can see it being used popularly.

Lithium-ion batteries are undoubtedly good. But they have a lot of limitations which does not provide a flexible experience to the users.

One of the biggest of them all is that, once they are damaged by anyway, they can explode or catch fire vehemently.

Hence, increasing the risk of people getting injured very seriously.

But that is not the case with Quantum glass battery.

Scientists and experts have replaced the liquid electrolyte in the battery with a much safer and stable flame-retardant plastic.

Therefore, even if the battery is damaged, the battery will not catch fire or result in an explosion.

It will still be able to generate a lot of power and keep supplying it. The inclusion of the sophisticated flame-retardant plastic does not allow the formation of dendrites which result in explosions and fire in the battery.

It prevents any chemical reactions from taking place in the battery, making it a safer option.

Final Words – The development of such an amazing battery can really change the face of this planet. Using such a battery or any other version of it in different electronic items like smartphones will provide you with a very long-lasting power that can easily last for a week or two. Coming to electric cars, they are our future. Integrated with Quantum glass battery can seriously affect the way they perform and provide the people with more fun and reliable experience within a few years. The battery is still under development and it will take some more time before we can see it being launched in the market and in various gadgets.

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