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Your First International Trip? 10 Useful Tips You Must Keep in Mind

Your first international trip will always have a special place in your heart.

It is for the very first time that you are going to explore a completely new country.

You must have already decided on the attractions you want to visit, the hotels you are going to stay in and the best place to eat in a foreign country.

International trips are always full of fun, excitement, and memories.

But, planning your first international travel can be a bit overwhelming also.

Those who travel abroad frequently, are well aware of the rules and regulations of international travel.

You are not. Visiting a different country and crossing a brand new culture can be intimidating to some.

If the international trip is not planned well, it becomes really stressful and unpredictable. And you would never want to fall in a tricky situation. Isn’t it?

So today we are going to discuss with you 10 useful tips that you must keep in mind to make your first international trip more manageable.

10 Things You Need To Check Before Travelling

Going somewhere you have never been to, can be equally fun and scary at the same time.

But if you follow these 10 things thoroughly, then you will be able to get along with your first international travel without too many hassles.

Have a look at them

1. Prepare Your Passport Beforehand

The most important thing that you need to probably double and triple check is to see whether you have packed your passport or not.

Get rid of unnecessary stress by applying for your passport beforehand. Do not keep this task to be accomplished until the last date of the month.


Do it as soon as you can.

Getting your hands on the passport is the most crucial thing you need to ensure before your first international trip.

Never book your flight or make reservations for your hotels unless you have your passport in your pocket.

You will be surprised to know that many international flights even require you to enter your passport number.

Hence, it will be better to book everything else after the passport has arrived.

The passport fee is different in every country and you need to pay the specified amount carefully.

Usually, it takes around 15-16 days for any passport to arrive but it can arrive early as well.

As soon as the passport arrives, just to be on the safe side, make digital and paper copies of the document. Also, take a photo of it with your phone and upload the document on your drive.

The passport is more important than you can probably imagine and you will frequently need it at various times once you have landed in a foreign country.

Therefore keep some copies of your passport just in case it gets damaged or stolen.

Don’t be worried if your hotel authorities ask you to hand over the passport to them because they do it to keep it safe. Your passport is your dearest friend abroad.

2. Where To Go For The First Time?

With hundreds of countries which you can visit, it can be really confusing to choose which one will be the perfect destination for your very first international trip.

Where To Go For The First Time

Perhaps you would want to witness the Eiffel Tower or enjoy a day experiencing Japanese cherry blossoms. Choices of travel will be different for separate people.

Everyone has their own special desires and a bucket list that needs to be fulfilled.

If you are really puzzled and cannot decide where to go, here are some things you would want to consider –

  • Stay close to your home or go far?

In your first international travel, it is absolutely okay to plan a trip near to your home country.

The feeling of staying in the vicinity of your homeland really provides positivity and comfort to many people.

But if you are up for a trip of your life, then going far away from home is a good idea.

  • Do you speak the language?

Are you aware of the language that is spoken in the foreign country you wish to travel to?

Well, many people travel to a foreign country whose language can be easily understood.

For example, a country that speaks English or if you are trained in French, you can probably travel to France without a problem.

  • What are you looking forward to?

Every destination you plan to visit offers something that you will look forward to.

You can be drawn towards beautiful architecture, eat delicious food, relax on the beach, go for skydiving, enjoy scuba diving, or do many other different things.

This will help you to narrow your search and you will be able to find the place which is more appealing to you.

These are the few things, considering which will help you to choose the country you would like to visit for your first international trip.

3. Check If You Need A Visa Or Not


Once you have got your passport, the next crucial document which you need to take care of is the VISA.

A Visa is a document that will be legally issued by the country you are planning to visit.

This will grant you access to the country for a specific number of days. Different countries have their own set of VISA rules and regulations.

For instance, a US passport holder will not need a Visa to travel most parts of Europe and Asia. But the situation can be absolutely different when you are from some other foreign country.

Hence, make sure to check if you will need a Visa for traveling and get all the necessary documents within time.

4. Make Sure You Have Access To Money

Nothing can be worse than running out of money in a foreign country.

foreign currency

It will be a very tricky situation if you fall short of money while traveling. That is why one of the most vital things to check while going for your international trip is to ensure that you will have access to money there.

Always carry an ample amount of cash that is allowed by the authorities of that country.

Remember that cash money always works better than debit and credit cards. That is why you need to be well-stocked with a good amount of cash that is converted into foreign currency as per the international exchange rates.

Easily check the local currency rate by using your cell phone and convert extra money if needed.

Also, carry your debit and credit card (if you have one) all the time.

In cases of emergency when you fall short of cash, you will be able to use these cards and pay for yourself. To be on the safe side, never carry all the cash and financial cards together, keep some at the hotel, just in case anything gets stolen or lost.

5. Get A Reliable Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Even though many people are against the idea of opting for travel insurance, but it can be a really good idea due to various reasons.

Any kind of unfortunate incident cannot be predicted while traveling abroad, but having travel insurance can offer consolation by providing you with monetary assistance and benefits.

Good financial agencies also offer you with an excellent cover on medical costs in case you fall ill or meet with an accident.

Many travel insurance schemes also cover costs which can be inflicted due to flight delay, tour operator mistakes, etc.

Most travel insurance agencies offer excellent 24×7 customer support to their global clients who might be in some problem while traveling to a foreign country.

6. Save Money By Comparing Services

Regardless of how much money you have saved up for your first international trip, the idea of saving money is always lucrative. Isn’t it so?

There are several ways by which you can save money on your foreign trip and the easiest of them is by comparing the services offered to you. These include hotel fare, transportation cost, etc.

In most parts of the world, there will always be various hotels where you can accommodate yourself.


Hotels are always a better option to stay, but nowadays many luxury hostels and Airbnb accommodation are also getting very popular.

They provide you with all the basic amenities you will need to stay for a few days and will surely allow you to live in a safe and friendly space.

At the same time, you need to compare the cost of transportation as well. Many times a bulk amount of money gets spent on traveling from one place to another.

Make sure to compare the prices of different agencies side-by-side and check which of them offers more budget-friendly travel options without compromising on important amenities.

7. Book Everything In Advance. Everything.

You would never want your first international trip to get canceled because of the non-availability of flights or no reservations in hotels. Right?

That is why you must always keep everything booked in advance without fail. Discuss with your friends or family on the date of travel very well and finalize the dates which everybody is comfortable with. 

Book Everything In Advance

Book the flight tickets at least 2 months prior to the date of departure.

This will not only ensure that you have confirmed flight tickets, but you will also be able to save some money.

Pre-booking your flight tickets is always much more reasonable than booking them a week or a few days before leaving. The same goes for the hotel as well, especially when you are planning to travel during peak season.

Don’t miss out on the amazing deals that many hotels and resorts offer if you book your rooms beforehand. Check out the options that are available to you and book rooms at least a month before.

Last moment bookings are always costly.

For those of you who are not really bothered about this point, the least you can do is at least have a good place booked for the day of your arrival.

8. Recover From Your Jet Lag First

If your first international trip consists of more than one destination, then you need to first allow yourself to recover from the Jet Lag.

It is a real challenge and a very hectic task to recover quickly from a long-haul flight and that is why many people get tired while traveling continuously.

A drastic change in the timezone can even take an entire week to recover fully. Fight this really uncomfortable feeling by taking ample rest and sleep. Also, drink water in plentiful amount and do not miss out on the daily meals you usually take.  Avoid traveling long distances regularly or else you will surely fall very sick in a foreign country.

9. Pack The Right Set Of Clothes

It is a very common mistake that a lot of people tend to carry out.

Pack The Right Set Of Clothes

Carrying unnecessary clothing not only puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders but also will not be allowed by airport authorities.

Once you have finalized where you are going to visit, research and find out on the internet what is going to be the temperature and weather of the country you are planning to visit.

Depending on the weather, pack only those clothes that will be useful at such temperatures. Packing the right set of clothes will provide a more comfortable journey.

10. Pack These Important Accessories

The list of important accessories can be different for several people. But whenever you are traveling abroad, there are some items which everyone must carry for a smart and safe trip –

  1. Mobile charger
  2. Toiletries
  3. Earphones
  4. Inflated neck pillow
  5. Power bank
  6. USB adapter
  7. Safety Locks
  8. Small first-aid kit
  9. Backpack cover
  10. Hand sanitizers
  11. Emergency torch and lamp

Checklist all these essential items and ensure a proper and convenient international trip.

Final Words – if you have read the article till this point, then you are now well aware of 10 important points that you will need to keep in mind. Your first international trip will be much safer and convenient if you are able to follow all the points that we mentioned above. We wish you a safe and happy journey abroad!

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